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AVIAIR IGLOO ARC-30 Mini Air Cooler

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Be COOL Quickly !

Place our customized Icy Packs into the side slots to chill the water. Hot air flows from the back through the Water Curtains then out comes a nice cooling soothing breeze.


Rapid reduction of regional temperature up to 12℉/ 6.6℃ to create a comfortable breeze climate

Remove large particles with rear Pre-Filter
Wash away the smaller air pollutants with Cooling Filter
Neutralize odors with 15mil Anion Ionizer

Replenish moisture to avoid dry skin and provide a comfortable breathing space

Reach of 4ft/ 1.2m distance to surround you with fresh cooled moisturized air

Prolong chilling effects to enhance cooler breeze for longer time


ARC-30 Series
Input: DC5V 1A / Power: 5W
3 Speeds: Sleep/ Normal/ High
Operating: 6~8Hrs
Designed & Engineered in USA