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Never Leave With Out it - AVIAIR Pure Mini

Never Leave With Out it - AVIAIR Pure Mini

It is very different due to the severity of the symptoms of COVID-19 , High touch” surfaces should be both cleaned and disinfected often as they can harbor germs and bacteria that could lead to infection. Like Doorknobs, Faucet handles, Shared area, Hands-on materials ,Hotel Bathrooms and etc. Everyone should have a compact and light weight sanitizer like Aviair Pure Mini, which easy to fit in purse, fanny pack and backpack.

It’s inexhaustible and you use water and salt to let germs go away.

Easy to make, simply add clean tap water and table salt in bottles. Turn on and you will get a gentle surface disinfectant after light off. It can be made anytime, anywhere, also to help reducing single-use plastic bottles.

Although it is a new creature to the disinfection products, its effect and experience are the best. It’s all natural, non-irritating, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. These characteristics are in stark contrast to heavy chlorine content bleach and irritant alcohol.

Also it was proven from University of Birmingham in UK CL3 Lab, the Aviair Sanitizing System can kill SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 in 20 seconds.

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